HP Printers: DM & Online

In today’s business climate, downtime in your printing and imaging fleet can mean a scary loss in productivity and revenue. To reinforce the fact that HP printers won’t breakdown, whilst selling a product in case they did, took this idea to the absolute hyperbole, and beyond.

Retirement Home:
This DM pack encouraged businesses to upgrade to a new HP printer by offering a trade-in promotion on their old printer. But what happens to your old printer when it’s replaced? How about a stay at the HP Lodge, the first retirement home for old printers. I must have read about 20 retirement home brochures to nail the TOV. On the plus side, I know where I’m sending my parents.

Perfect Match:
How can HP help businesses upgrade to a new printer when they don’t know what they’re looking for? By acting as matchmakers for businesses and printers and sending out a pack to help people find their perfect match. Instead of the usual dry facts, I gave each printer a personality as if they were writing their own dating profile. Something I was actually doing at the time.

The Digital Proof:
The benefits of Digital printing have been around for some time, however many analogue printers still haven’t grasped them. HP delivered the proof straight into their hands by using the print run of the mailer itself as evidence. A web application then allows a much
more detailed interrogation of the numbers, specific to different needs.

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Retirement Home

Perfect Match

The Digital Proof