PayPal: VOD

We were tasked to achieve 1 Million downloads of PayPal’s peer-to-peer payment app to existing customers. After noticing that PayPal had over 5 Million followers on Facebook, we tailored the whole campaign to them. We created a series of VODs that show the app being used at relevant times, paying for a takeaway during the big match, to repaying gig tickets or going in on a joint Birthday present etc. We released the VODs at relevant times depending on the scenarios, takeaway on match day, gig tickets on Friday night and Birthday at the weekend.
The result – 1.8 Million downloads. Like.

  • Role Associate Creative Director
  • For RAPP: PayPal
  • Date 2015
  • Type VOD, Social Media, Promo

Targeting the 5 Million Facebook customers to get 1 Million app downloads.

Starting to seed the relevancy story of PayPal’s new app at specific times of the week.

Repaying gig tickets.

Joint Birthday gift all wrapped up (sorry).

Paying your share of the pizza during the big match.