FedEx: 360 Campaign

This multi-dimensional approach was adopted to show how FedEx are able to solve all of your shipping needs, not just overnight solutions. From ATL, DM, Apps and online, this thought demonstrated the breadth of FedEx’s offering.

  • Role Group Head
  • For Gyro: FedEx
  • Type 360 Campaign

Press and Poster

A simple but effective DM pack highlighting the benefits of the overnight Express service and the less time sensitive Economy option. One letter with two stories - one written for speed, the other a more detailed explanation of why Economy is just as good (but not as quick).

A point and order style App for busy receptionists and facilities managers to make deliveries and re-stocking easier. Simply scan the packaging you’re short of and an order form pops up. Add the unit amount and they’ll be delivered within 24 hours.